It’s In The Bag

gayle martz koko and kartu

Gayle Martz and her fur babies, KoKo and Kartu.

First of all, I wanted to thank my friend, Gayle Martz who I worked with doing the voice of Paris the Parrot, in an episode of her animated series, Travel Tails. Gayle is the writer of the book, It’s In The Bag which talks about her extraordinary life and the many efforts involved in getting the Sherpa Pet Carrier, the first soft- sided carrier bag, to be accepted by major airlines, in order to bring your pet dog or cat with you while traveling. This was vital for anyone who wanted to travel with their pet dog or cat and didn’t want them placed in a hard sided restrictive pet carrier or worse, in a compartment near baggage.

I have travelled with my dog, Dea in the Sherpa Pet Carrier and she loves being inside of it so much; it is difficult to get her to come out it is so comfy.its in the bag

Gayle is an amazing entrepreneur; business woman and animal advocate and you can read more about her here.

Gayle’s book is available on Amazon here.

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