An International Engagement for A Place Called Grace.

A Place Called Grace Book SigningThe popular Anglo-American Bookstore on Via della Vite in the heart of Rome has invited author Alison Rand, who is returning to revisit Rome from her home base in New York, to do a book reading on Thursday evening May 23rd. Ms. Rand will be reading excerpts from her inspirational new memoir, A Place Called Grace.

In the book she chronicles her almost three years of living in Rome and all the interesting experiences—including with several “beautiful men.” These Roman “hunks” were ultimately not for the long-haul, but made her stay in Italy “as delicious as the remarkable food, wine and landscape.” Her story —why she moved to Rome, what she hoped for, what she found, and why she returned to the U.S., is told with great candor, warmth, and humor. Her moving story will be relatable to many, and touch many hearts.

Check here on for updates on this and other speaking engagements and appearances. Alison is also available to give her talk to interested groups. For more information or a review copy, email her publicist Judy Katz at

See more images from Alison’s book signing at the Anglo-American Book Store here.

Speaking engagement at Anglo American Bookstore, Rome.

Alessia and Marcello, from the Anglo American Bookstore, who made the event so special.

Alison Rand A Place Called Grace