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I’ll be introducing my novel memoir, Walking Alison: A Poodle’s Mostly True Story of Helping Her Human Navigate Life which will be available in the late fall. And it’s narrated by my dog, Dea!

Why Did I Write Such a Candid Book and Publicly Reveal My Vulnerabilities?

A Place Called Grace by Alison Rand

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When I made the decision to write A Place Called Grace, I had two main reasons that compelled me to not only tell my story, but tell it in the most open and candid way. I knew I would have to tell the truth if I was going to inspire other women–and men–to learn from my experiences. I would need to write of my mistakes in ways I thought or behaved that caused problems for me–and how I overcame these challenges.

If readers then recognize opportunities to be more resilient on their own journeys, my job for those readers will have been done.

My second compelling reason for writing this book was to honor an inter-generational relationship: one I am not going to describe here: it’s pivotal to my story and you will need to read the book to discover it.

I have been blessed in many ways. I have also experienced great pain: both physical and emotional. I have “survived” a dysfunctional childhood. I have jumped optimistically into a number of romantic relationships after my divorce that all ended but it forced me to really look at who I was being for that to have happened–always a good thing. I have had serious illnesses that laid me low, and a horrific accident that continues to cause me pain to this day. Sadness and occasional loneliness have also been my constant companions for large parts of my life. Yet, I wake up excited for each new day, and recognize that I am a work in progress. I also get the greatest pleasure and joy from my canine companions, past and present–dogs to me are earthly angels, as anyone who lives with such a creature will surely agree.

I believe there are a great many people who can relate to my life story, see themselves in me, and hopefully find solace and inspiration in how I dealt with and overcame many of life’s most relatable challenges.

Welcome to my world, to “A Place Called Grace.” I hope to touch your heart. And please, after you read the book, let me hear from you!

Alison Rand

Walking Alison

Check out Alison’s new website and read about her new title, “Walking Alison”

How did humans possibly manage to function before dogs became domesticated some 23,000 years ago? That is what Dea, a savvy black poodle, wonders in “Walking Alison: A Poodle’s Mostly True Story of Helping Her Human Navigate Life,” by Alison Rand — a wise and jaunty memoir told entirely from her dog’s point of view.

During their daily walks, new puppy Dea pulls her human, Alison, by the leash into making connections, handling crippling loss, and coping with the challenges of life. What might have been tragic through Alison’s eyes finds wider perspective and resonance through Dea’s as she tolerates Alison’s pathetic attempts at meditation and online dating, sees her through a second bout of cancer, and finally steers Alison toward appreciating life’s daily wonders that are a puppy’s birthright.

Thanks to Dea’s “training,” Alison learns to finally trust herself in new and life affirming ways, realizing that feeling safe is a conscious decision.